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Where are you located? 

I treat patients throughout Los Angeles, California.

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I offer House Calls and Telemedicine (video and phone appointments), as well as In-Office visits every Wednesday at La Maida Institute

If you do not live in LA and would like to work with me, please Schedule a complimentary initial phone consult and we can discuss your options.   

Do you take insurance? 

I do not take insurance for my services, but many of the diagnostic tests that I order can be partially or entirely covered by most PPO plans. 

Not taking insurance allows me to provide the best care possible, without the constraints of the current insurance model. This means spending as much time with my patients as necessary, providing fair and transparent pricing up front, and focusing on your health instead of your insurance network. 

Are you against pharmaceuticals and invasive surgery?

Not at all. There is a time and place for pharmaceutical drugs and surgery. If natural treatments have been exhausted, or if they are not appropriate for you at this time, I will certainly recommend these alternative interventions. Often, many patients want to learn how to improve their health without relying on so many medications; this is something we can absolutely accomplish.

What does "Mantra" mean? 

A Mantra is a word, sound, or statement that is repeated over and over again to focus concentration when meditating. I utilize many different mantras in my own daily practice to calm and focus my mind. Want to know my mantras?  Check out my Instagram, where I share new mantras every Monday to help inspire, uplift and bring more calm into your life. 


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